"Embrace the Challenge"

"An Opportunity for a Second Chance"

Academic Curriculum

The Capital Guardian Youth ChalleNGe Academy provides instruction based on each cadet's personal needs in order to prepare the cadet to take and pass the District of Columbia's General Education Development (GED) exam. Classes are concentrated in the four areas tested on the GED certification exam; Math, Science, Social Studies, and Language Arts. Cadets who successfully pass all areas of the GED exam will receive their District of Columbia GED Credentials.

The Academy uses The Adult Basic Education (TABE) test to measure incoming and outgoing performance that correlates to traditional secondary school grade levels. This initial assessment of skill level is conducted when the cadet-candidate arrives. Instructors use the results from this assessment to assist with the development of the classroom education plans. The exit TABE test determines the successful completion of the Academic Excellence Core Component and is given approximately 20 weeks into the program.

Education at the Capital Guardian Youth ChalleNGe Academy can be broken down into two separate areas: 'Academics' and 'Other Training'.

Academic training/instruction is the responsibility of the instructional staff and occurs predominately in a classroom setting. This training is supplemented with off-site field trips during the course of the residential phase. The destinations of these trips may vary depending on the curriculum being taught. Field trips have included museums, local colleges and universities, and live theater performances.

The 'other training' at the academy is the responsibility of the Military staff/Cadre. This training comes from the disciplined routine of daily life at the Capital Guardian Youth ChalleNGe Academy. The Cadre makes sure the cadets learn the importance of being prompt, being dressed appropriately, and that they are focused on daily tasks, such as homework. The Cadre also teach the cadets to accept responsibility for their actions. The Cadre is responsible for cadet physical fitness, personal hygiene, health and welfare, teaching ethical behavior, and working together on a team to promote tolerance of others. Physical Training (PT), Drill and Ceremonies (marching), and barracks inspections are integral parts of training, cooperation and teamwork.